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Agent Licensing

Initial Licensing Process

At Insurance Compliance Center, we get you past the licensing pitfalls in the insurance industry, and into regulatory compliance. Our first priority is to completely understand your licensing objectives and needs, then formulate a strategy necessary to take care of the licensing, so you can devote the time necessary to build and grow your business.

We pride ourselves on being able to streamline the licensing process through:

  • Quickly and accurately preparing and processing all paperwork

  • Facilitating full submittals with the appropriate insurance departments and agencies

  • Identifying and tracking every filing, notifying you along every step of the way, including verifying receipt of your license


License Renewals

Keeping up with license renewals can be a real headache, but at Insurance Compliance Center we automatically notify you of upcoming due dates, and we handle all the requirements for completing the renewals application, and in filing it with the appropriate state department of insurance.

Insurance Company Appointments

No matter who your appointing insurance carrier is or how many different carriers are involved, Insurance Compliance Center will provide complete assistance in securing your appointment by the carrier with each of the state insurance departments through which you are seeking licensure. Insurance Compliance Center can help you track all the various agents licensed and the company appointments held for each license.


Ongoing Regulatory Compliance

Let's face it. The insurance industry is heavily regulated and keeping up with the requirements can be a full time job. Insurance Compliance Center is dedicated to assisting both agent or agency in complying with all regulatory filing requirements by providing notice to all departments of insurance of:

  • Name and/or address changes

  • Changes in insurance company affiliation

  • Any additional or specific filing needs you may have